Peacocks have their feathers. Antelopes have their antlers. What does a man have?

The animal kingdom is replete with such bizarre courtship displays – and mans courtship display is none the better. If anything, our courtship is long, complicated and, let us face it, taxing. Nevertheless, it is a necessity for man is a social animal and requires interaction of this form. Now what is a necessity for this courtship?

As per conventional norms, hair. We will not get into the pathology of normality, but a man is judged by the health of his hair. That’s what Bala takes head on (pun Intended).

Genetics and plain Bad Luck have caused our protagonist’s hair to fall out. Ironically named “Bala” due to his beautiful hair in his prime, he struggles with his premature hair fall as he tries to find a mate. He tries everything in his ability to tackle this problem – allopathy, ayurveda, and even smears feces on his head. This makes way for some comic relief as we get to laugh at the expense of his misery. Until, he finds the magic of modern wig making and embarks on a journey of wooing a tik tok star. However, his premise is built on a foundation of lies and assumptions. It’s a fairly simple structure, but we have much to expect from Bala.

Bala is played by the extremely talented and beloved Ayushmann Khurrana. The sheer variety of the roles he takes on is astounding, and Bala is no exception. He looks and fits the role. This is one of the very few movies about imperfections, and this is conveyed very beautifully. Flaws are what makes a man, and the unusually buff actors of today are far away from what can only be pulled off by Ayushmann. We also see Javed Jaffrey as Bachchan Bhaiya after a long hiatus. Yami Gautam plays the romantic interest and the catalyst for the plot. Other supporting characters include Bhumi Pednekar, Saurabh Shukla and more.

Bala is directed by Amar Kaushik. The filming was primarily done in Lucknow, Mumbai and Kanpur so expect a lot of picturesque shots to relish your eyes. The music is composed by Sachin-Jigar with lyrics by Badshah, Vayu, and Jigar Sariya.

Bala will come to a theater near you on 7th November, 2019.

Watch the Trailer here –


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