After churning out solid hits like Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai, the successful duo of Salman Khan and Ali Abbas Zafar are back with Bharat.
Based on the Korean blockbuster Ode To My FatherBharat revolves around, as the film’s posters and trailers suggest, the journey of a man – Bharat aka Salman – and the nation. Jawaharlal Nehru’s voice lingers in the background, as he recites The Tryst With Destiny, as Khan is introduced — suggesting that Bharat was born around the same time as India became independent.

The three-minute trailer, released earlier in the day, sees Khan in a never-seen-before avatar, as he dons a disheveled (and well-dressed) old man’s look, in his 70s, as he goes back in time to recall his certainly-not-boring life from 1964 to 2010. After all, ‘Jitne safed baal mere sar aur daadhi me hai, usse kai zyada rangeen meri zindagi rahi hai‘ – Bharat declares. Ahem.
As the trailer progresses, we see glimpses of his rather colourful life, right from his time in what looks like a… circus, as he appears in a very Elvis Presley-esque look, pulling off some stylish stunts. Accompanying him in the scenes is Disha Patani, who looks stunning by the way, but as expected in any Salman Khan movie, appears to be just a prop meant to make the movie look more attractive. 

From what can be inferred thereafter, Nehru’s imminent death in 1964 then forces him to look for a job in a government office, where he meets ‘Madam Sir‘ – Katrina Kaif. In curly tresses and sarees with a bindi, Kaif looks beautiful but her dialogue delivery — especially because she speaks in shuddha hindi — appears a tad off. What looks interesting, though, is their chemistry, which is definitely getting better with each film.

We are then introduced to Bharat in several stages of his life – when he’s a labourer to when he sails a ship, when he gets married to a life-changing accident, till the present. Amidst it all, lies his past — the memories of his father, played by Jackie Shroff, who gets separated from him and his family during the partition — that manages to haunt him yet keep him alive.
It all looks good, but the length of the trailer is an indirect alarm bell on the length of the film, especially with so much happening. The scenes look promising and quite engaging, while the songs in the background promise to bring a lot of foot-tapping music to the forefront. The parallels that are drawn from what’s happening in the country to what’s happening in Bharat’s life is pretty interesting as a concept and if the Korean original is anywhere to be kept in mind, then this might just be Salman bhai’s redemption after the sad Race 3. Alright alright, his business is his business, none of our business.

Jokes apart, watch the trailer here –


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