Sea Bird is the name of the ship that has found its way to the famous Juhu beach because of bad weather. We’re also told that there is no passenger or crew aboard the ship. There are talks of the ship being haunted too. Now just like any other haunted film, our protagonist doesn’t leave the deserted ship on its own and is the surveying officer of the ship. The endless jump scares start when he investigates what went wrong with the ship. 

There’s a parallel storyline about Vicky Kaushal’s familial relations. He seems to be hallucinating about his family but in fact, living with ghosts. We’re not told if his family is alive or not. Don’t miss the spellbound sea-facing view of his balcony shown in one of the shots in the trailer (One of the high points). There’s another storyline of a young couple wandering around the desolate ship in search of privacy in the most populated city of the country. 

The trailer is beautifully cut and apart from this, I couldn’t decipher anything concrete about the storyline. But if we go by the trailer, we can expect a lot of jump scares (read unnecessary) in the movie. It has the trademark of Karan Johar wherein a lot of unwanted things are infused to make it look larger-than-life. 

The ship is stranded in Juhu beach and Vicky Kaushal’s name is Prithvi. Got the connection? Yes, I was that much distracted while watching the trailer. This is one of the very few movies in which I want the opulence generally associated with Karan Johar’s films. It would do a good job keeping the audience hooked on to the screen.  

I don’t want to complain but this trailer isn’t one of the best. If you’re going to just show me jump scares for 3 minutes with dark backdrops and not provide information on the plot, even people who have the highest attention span would lose interest. Being an optimistic person, I believe the film should live up to its expectations. 

It’s a Vicky Kaushal film produced by Karan Johar. I’m sold. How about you?

Catch the movie in theatres near you on the 21st of February, 2020.

Watch the trailer here –


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