I’ve always had an inkling for horror movies set in India. Most Indian horror flicks are duds anyway, but some recent approaches to this hair raising genre have been exceptionally bone chilling to watch. It’s not the jumpscare moments that make a horror movie a good horror movie, but it’s a very intelligent combination of an intriguing premise, great cast, sombre settings and sinister music. 

Bulbbul, produced under the banner of clean slate films, seems to have nailed it. Judging by the looks of the 2 minute trailer, it’s very hard to keep your eyes off of the screen. The very core of the story – child marriage – is extremely perturbing in it’s own right but that’s not all. This period drama, set in a mysterious village in Kolkata, talks of a child bride embroiled in this very dark plot replete with murders, witches and large empty mansions. 

Releasing on June 24th on Netflix, Bulbbul stars Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary, and Rahul Bose as the lead cast and the trailer seems to have done a good job at creating an atmosphere of mystery around them. The set is absolutely beautiful, with humongous 20th century mansions echoing with the screams of terrified human beings. It is certainly gripping, with the glimpse of the narrative we get. The Sharma sibling’s Clean Slate productions certainly have a great deal of experience with Horror films with Pari, which had a similar theme and starred Anushka Sharma. Bulbbul is their second attempt, and it really seems like an intriguing watch.

Watch the trailer here –


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