In one of the scenes, a person asks, “Toh yeh swarg hai?”, “Swarg aur nark jaisa kuch nahi hota” is the response he gets. Though, what actually happens after we die?

We meet Prahastha (Vikrant Massey), who is a demon aboard the spaceship pushpak 634A, of the Post Death Transition Services. Writer director Arati Yadav answers the questions through Massey whose job is to wait all day for dead people to come to him. He explains the cause of death to them, treats them, erases their memory and then extracts them. Back on earth, there has been a temporary relief in the cold war going on between humans and demons. He is visibly alone, and has made peace with that feeling of being alone there.

Soon after, an assistant is sent to him, Yuvishka Shekhar (Swetha Tripathi). She begins asking him questions about his loneliness but then further goes on to ask challenging questions about the nature of the work they do. These questions hit Prahastha differently since he was always alone up there, doing the job, which for him was just how he continued his life. 

We begin to wonder as Swetha asks, that once if a Cargo dies, do their memories die with them?

Cargo premiered at the Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival 2019, and further was part of the official selections at the South By Southwest Film Festival, the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema. Written and directed by Arati YadavCargo releases on Netflix on September 9.

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