Netflix has launched its trailer for a new series, ‘Decoupled’ starring R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla in the roles of Arya and Shruti respectively. The trailer commences with the ‘separating couple’ talking about their broken marriage on camera, which FYI, everyone is interested to hear about. 

After their individual introductions, they are seen working out together in the gym while bickering about how Arya does not respond to what Shruti said. Arya says that he is a man and that he is “not evolved enough to make fake sounds”. The principles of active listening are seen in this conversation which actually does sound like marriage. 

At dinner, Arya and Shruti are making fun of a young couple who have just stepped into the world of love and romance by imitating them. Arya tells what he was like at that guy’s age, not letting the girls know he liked them. A glimpse of their lives with their daughter is shown and also the couple making faces at each other over minute arguments.

Arya and his friends are seen discussing how the validity of marriage should be only 10 years for them to be happy following which he makes an attempt to ‘loose-up’ a little bit. Ground rules about how their life should proceed individually was quite funny to watch in this trailer. Arya asks if they are allowed to see other people to which Shruti responds with already being interested in someone at the gym. The funniest part of this trailer was the “Notes to self: loneliness is not the scarcity of people, loneliness is when hot people don’t want to be with you”

A very interesting angle has been covered in this series about the impact of parent’s about-to-be-separation on their kids. Their daughter might have always seen her parents together but now seeing them as different individuals in a growing phase of life puts a question in her head which can be felt by the audience because, “they make sense only together”. 

Marriages might be happier than couples might remember is a strong message that this trailer delivers. Arya and Shruti are seen talking in their gallery, calculating the duration of good, happy marriage they have had to which Arya says 8 years and Shruti says 4 years. 

The end of this trailer is an attempt at answering the main question that this series poses, ‘What happens in a marriage when love ends?’ Apara Jariwala beautifully yet hilariously summarizes the expectations and the future plans of Arya and Shruti with appropriate astonishment asking, “You’ve fallen out of love with your husband and yet you are going to stay in the same house, under the same roof for the sake of the child? But that’s called marriage!” 

With just its trailer, ‘Decoupled’ looks like an amazing watch since it tries to capture the truth of life beyond rose-tinted glasses as well as show the child’s perspective. Like all of you, I am excited to watch the new series starring R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla as Arya and Shruti. 

‘Decoupled’ releases on Netflix on 17 November. Catch the trailer of this new series right here:   


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