Bhuvan Bam, the celebrated mastermind behind BB Ki Vines, is set to launch his debut web series with Dhindora. With 9 different characters, the plot of the series revolves around the pains of a middle-class family. The trailer gives us a peek into the laughter riot that the series promises. 

The trailer for Dhindora seems to revolve around how winning an accidental lottery can completely transform the life of one ordinary family. Bhuvan Bam is unrecognizable as certain characters and seems to flawlessly pull off their various quirks. Directed by Himank Gaur, the trailer showcases hilariously relatable family dynamics in the form of quips and promises us a funny eight-part series. 

Without giving too much away in the trailer, we get a gist of what to expect from Dhindora and anticipate the laughter and drama rollercoaster that lies ahead. Starting with “We middle-class people have a habit of living our dreams before completing them”, Bhuvan Bam starts us off with his comical expressions and the typical argument of what to eat for breakfast. 

Bhuvan Bam’s father goes from being fired and winning a lottery to landing up in the hospital with a critical injury. The plot of the series builds some drama here and the suggestive music prepares one for the hysteria that follows. Bhuvan Bam’s mother quite publicly goes on to tell everyone that the family won a lottery of 11 crores. The trailer takes us through a short journey into what to expect from BB Ki Vines and is quite exciting at that. 

Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora is set to release on 14th October on his Youtube Channel BB Ki Vines.

You can catch the trailer here –




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