“Doctor G” is a clever word-play at the Indian way of respectfully calling a doctor as Doctor-Ji as well as denoting the gynaecologist profession that the film is about. The film is directed by Anubhuti Kashyap, and accounting for the fact that she is a woman telling stories of other women, this could be a game changing take on women as being viewed from the mainstream media lens in this country. The trailer of “Doctor G” does not shy away from telling its audience that the story is about a male gynaecologist in the deep roots of traditional, conservative India.

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana as the doctor, the trailer starts with him getting beaten up by a female patient’s partner for examining her. Soon after, we see a series of serious societal issues faced by him in the most comical ways. The trailer also hints at how difficult it can be for a young boy to study a field like gynaecology. It is here that we see smart women in the film make factual comments on the problems faced. Ayushmann’s mother, played by Sheeba Chaddha, seems to be the funniest person in this story. She is seen posing for her Tinder profile and ironically blackmailing her own son into letting her do so without outward judgment. There is a lot of clutter in the movie signifying the noise around the social issue.

Doctor G’s trailer seems like a fresh take at another societal dilemma of how to tackle the field of gynaecology by the men in it and the women that require their services. Also starring Rakul Preet Singh and Shefali Shah as supporting actors, the trailer tells us that the cast is strong and effortful. There is a strong message that this film will be making which the trailer definitely hints at; it is all set to destigmatize the whole hush hush-attitude around women’s bodies and health as well as teach its audience how doctors are only objectively treating people regardless of their gender and other biases.

The music is playful in the trailer and the songs, catchy. A movie in which Ayushmann’s character is told to lose the male touch in the most right sense is just what the Indian society needs to evolve and grow; but again, this heavy topic comes with great responsibility and we only hope that the creators do their best in dealing with such a sensitive issue carefully. “Doctor G” seems to be a promising venture plainly due to the attitude with which it is making its stand. A film based in the comedy-drama genre, set in the middle class Indian society, made by the makers of previous blockbusters like “Badhaai Do” and “Bareilly ki Barfi”, “Doctor G” is a highly anticipated film for the Indian audience regardless of all the noise it may make.

“Doctor G” will be getting a theatrical release on 14th October, 2022.



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