Author Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic novel “Dune” has been a great influence in modern pop culture, yet the novel itself was claimed to be unflimable until 2021. Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune Part One” saw the light of the day in October 2021 and its humongous success became like an oasis in a dearth of blockbusters. Finally, the most awaited trailer of “Dune Part Two” released yesterday.

While “Dune Part One” sets up the world of Arrakis, the trailer of “Dune Part Two” sets for us that the film will revolve around the rise of Paul Atriedes (Timothée Chalamet) as the Lisan Al-Gaib of the Fremen Tribe. The trailer promises that the film will be loaded with more action and more mind games.

We see glimpses of new characters like Emperor Shaddam IV (Christopher Walken) of Harkonnen House, Princess Irulan (Florence Pugh), Feyd Rautha (Austin Butler), etc. who play a major role in the novel. The trailer gives nods to the novel by referencing the presence of water in Arrakis and the fan-favourite moment of Paul riding the sandworm.

What really stands out, is that the trailer is cut in such a way that it only sets the mood of the second part, not giving away the whole story. While “Dune Part One” was filmed with IMAX cameras only to about 40% of the entire length, “Dune Part Two” is filmed with IMAX cameras for the complete 100%, which makes the trailer even more immersive when watched on a maximum size screen. Blended with Greig Fraser’s rustic and realistic cinematography and bombastic score by Hans Zimmer, the trailer screams majestic everywhere. As the trailer promises a satisfying sequel, it still raises questions like, “Will the second part satisfy the trippy world designed in the novel?”, “Will this divide/unite the fandom of Dune?”. Well, let’s feel the heat of Arrakis on 3rd November, 2023 on the silver screens!

Catch the trailer here –



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