The final trailer for Eternals starts with Ajak (Salma Hayek) setting the tone for the next chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She tells us how half of the population was brought back at the snap of a finger and how that will pave the way for the ‘emergence’.

‘When you love something, you protect it’ sets the theme for the film as the face of Thena (Angelina Jolie) becomes the voice to this sentiment. With 7 days to go for doomsday, Ikaris (Richard Madden) wants to find the rest of the Eternals. Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington) asks the crucial question that is playing on everyone’s mind – why didn’t the Eternals help fight Thanos? While Sersei (Gemma Chan) answers this question by saying that the Eternals were instructed to not interfere in the human conflicts unless the deviants were involved, I suspect that the movie may give us a deeper understanding.

The Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao brings us a promising cast of exciting new superheroes that were raised to fight against the deviants. While we only see glimpses of the Eternals, we are left feeling intrigued. The trailer shows us a diverse cast of actors such as Kumail Nangiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan and Don Lee among others. 

The trailer goes on to show us snippets of action sequences, of war and weaponry, along with the Immortals fighting against the Deviants in their various forms. Marvel has a unique ability to give away very little of the plot in their trailers but get the fans excited in anticipation at the same time and that tradition continues here.

Marvel Eternals is set to release on 5th November. Check the trailer here –


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