Another acquisition by Netflix, this time in the form of a romantic comedy. Ginny and Sunny are a mismatch. Sunny knows what he wants in life, his restaurant to open career wise, and to settle with a pretty girl in an arranged marriage. Ginny, a bold outgoing girl, is completely opposite. She rejects arranged marriages and is in search of love. When they come together, for an apparent arranged marriage setting, Ginny doesn’t want to settle. This makes it Sunny’s life mission to win Ginny’s heart and make her fall for him.

In one of the scenes in the trailer, while trying to impress Ginny, Sunny tries to help an old man in the metro by getting him to sit while he is standing, and the punchline is that he cannot sit since he has piles. Hence, other than the classic romance, the trailer also provides a lot of comic release and punchy one-liners which will make us laugh out of our seats while watching the film. This film also sees Vikrant Massey in a never before comical attire, in a film that just brings the two back to split them apart again.

With a remake of “sawan mein lag gayi aag” and many other beautiful moments, this film has been termed as the “Wedding Headache of the Year”.

Directed by Puneet Khanna and written by Sumit Arora and Navjot Gulati, Ginny Weds Sunny releases on Netflix on October 9th. 

Watch the trailer here –


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