Mind is considered to be the most efficient part of the human body. This mind has a mind of its own which can lead people to follow several paths, not always ethical in nature. In keeping with this concept, Amazon Prime has rolled out a new original series, ‘Guilty Minds’, which exclusively revolves around the lives of young Indian attorneys, in their professional and personal endeavors. With a blend of new faces along with a few old and wise faces, this series looks refreshing at first glance. 

The trailer begins with a case hearing being held at the District Court with two lawyers, Kashaf Quaze (Shirya Pilgaonkar) and Deepak Rana (Varun Mitra) against each other. This case is about a new music application ‘Alaab’, with copyright infringement issues. With this first case, the audiences understand how strongly ethical Kashaf as a protagonist is. Rana, on the other hand, is more concerned with the money aspect of cases and can bend rules in an unethical manner. Oh, and they are friends outside the courthouse. 

Pilgaonkar’s character Kashaf can be seen siding with the people and justice while Mitra’s character Rana is ambitiously involved in white-collar law. It shows how grounded Shefali Bhushan is as a filmmaker that she has picked cases that people struggle with on a regular basis. Not leaving a pinch of romance, Guilty Minds also brings that aspect between Deepak and Kashaf. 

With a change in government, an old case gets reopened and once again, Kashaf and Deepak are on opposite ends of the case. A murder commited by a thirteen-year old kid. References are used and lawyers are bribed, to manipulate and shut this case again as it is a matter of influential people. Figuring out the grays between this black-and-white life, the two main leads are trying to figure out love and law at the same time, with this one case as a make it or break it. 

Shriya Pilgaonkar as Kashaf Quaze looks firm on her beliefs and in character, which looks really promising. Varun Mitra, although on the negative end, has portrayed his role with complete honesty, giving us a glance into various colors of lawyers. Apart from them, we also see many other personalities throughout the show including Shakti Kapoor, Karishma Tanna, Namrata Sheth, Satish Kaushik, Deepak Kalra and more. This makes the show a great watch with an intriguing storyline. 

The name of this series, ‘Guilty Minds’ especially caught my attention as in the court of law, it becomes very important to understand the psyche of a criminal. It is not just about punishing them but primarily understanding what led them to take such a step in the first place. Based in the Indian court, it gives us a glimpse into how the court functions very differently from what we’ve seen in Hollywood legal dramas like ‘Suits’.

This concept seems very personal to the creator of the show, gaining its roots from the dinner table conversations at her home. ‘Guilty Minds’ is how she understands and perceives our legal system and with just the trailer, it looks like a must watch. It is much more than lawyer rivalries for her, a realistic picture of the legal system will only help the audiences better process things. Law is a very subjective entity and practicing it comes with its own set of troubles. While some think of it as a money-making profession, risking the lives of many victims, others like Kashaf are willing to do whatever it takes to do justice. Her voice, strong and bold is something that I liked most about this series. 

Releasing on Amazon Prime on 22 April, ‘Guilty Minds’ will force you to ponder upon several things. 

Watch the trailer here –


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