2019 has been blessed with the (beat) drop of Gully Boy trailer! This Ranveer Singh starrer is set to sweep the nook and corner of every street of the country and uplift the dreams of those that feel intimidated even by the thought of dreaming.

Gully Boy is a representation of the life of Divine, an Indian rapper who rose from the gullies to become one of India’s most loved artists. More than his life, it is set around the community he lived in and the bravery in him to go against the societal norms to become who he always wanted to.

The trailer begins with a rap-off among the boys of the street, challenging each other to spinning verses on the spot and then we see Naved Shaikh (Ranveer Singh) having no words to say. Then we are transported into his life as well as Sakina’s (Alia Bhatt) who seems to be in a relationship with Naved and also an aspiring doctor. There are brief moments of Kalki Koechlin. The trailer shows us that Naved is a servant by profession because of the hierarchy and the system. His father is a tad too aggressive and an ultimate example of a misogynistic person. Naved has to go through being separated from his love for rapping and then convincing himself that ‘apna time aayega’.

Naved’s character is a cliche one of a boy transitioning from rags to riches by following his dreams but Ranveer Singh creates this energy that makes you root for the kid even when you know how it will all end. Alia Bhatt’s character is a bold woman who stops at nothing to get what she wants and she’s the perfect cast for the role.

The trailer ends with a scene where Naved is facing a rap-off and he ends it with a simple verse which practically tells us that he is the one who stitched his own dreams and is the only one who is making them a reality. “Aakhir, nange aaye hai, ghanta lekar jaayenge, apna time aayega.”

Being a musical filmed by Zoya Akhtar, it is set to release on 14th February 2019 and is ready to swoon our hearts. We at TRS cannot wait to land this film on the first day! Here’s to more dreams being achieved.

Watch the trailer here –


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