The trailer of ‘Helmet’ kicks off with Lucky (Aparshakti Khurana) struggling to purchase a condom at a medical store without drawing too much attention. Awkward and embarrassed by the store owner’s blinding gaze, he buys a shampoo, deodorant, biscuits but no protection. As his wife gets into a fit complaining about failing at such an ordinary task, Lucky narrates it like a national problem. 

Sultan (Abhishek Banerjee) is under a lot of debt as he negotiates for time with his life on the line. Then there’s Minus (Ashish Verma), Lucky’s friend, who’s hard of hearing and together these three devise a masterplan to take care of their monetary needs. What was supposed to be a robbery of a large shipment of electronic goods, turns out to be cartons & cartons of condoms.

Unable to sell off their robbed bulk of condoms, they find a way to supply them without putting people in awkward and sticky situations.

What ensues is the establishment of the ‘Helmet’ gang, who sell condoms wearing helmets in saloons, public offices, b-grade cinema halls and even to their own relatives.

On first look, the film tries to establish and showcase a culture and society where everyone needs protection but are too shy to ask to for it in public shops. The film looks promising, provided that everything isn’t made into a joke & the writing team sticks to the crux and heart of the story. 

The film also stars Sharib Hashmi, Pranutan Bahl, Anurita Jha and Jameel Khan. Directed by Satram Ramani, Helmet premieres on 3rd September 2021 on Zee5. Check out the trailer here – 


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