Bringing up some action with a comedy, Scott Waugh is back with his new film “Hidden Strike.” The film stars John Cena and Jackie Chan as ‘Crish Van Horne’ and ‘Luo Feng’ respectively. Hidden Strike is Waugh’s fifth film after Below:Miracle On The Mountain in 2017.

The trailer(on YouTube) introduces the audience to a futuristic setting, where an intense conflict over oil has ravaged the Middle East. It begins with gripping visuals of widespread devastation, showcasing the aftermath of the conflict with scattered vehicles and a massive explosion that highlights the scale of violence depicted in the film. The focus then shifts to our protagonists, Chan and Cena, seated in their vehicle, preparing for their mission.

However, they encounter a comedic moment as Cena’s character struggles repeatedly to fasten his seat belt properly. Observing this, Chan’s character calmly advises him on the correct method, saying, “Slow,” while demonstrating the proper way to secure his own seat belt. This scene adds a touch of humor to the otherwise epic expectations, establishes the enjoyable dynamic between the lead characters, and provides a much-needed comedic element.

The trailer sets the stage by stating, “In the near future, an oil war is about to explode and only two men can stop it.” Moreover, fans can anticipate another exciting collaboration between Chan and Cena in their roles as the voices of Splinter and Rocksteady in the upcoming animated movie, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.”

Shot in China, the film is slated for release in theaters later thisHidden Strike year.


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