Some tropes will just not leave our Indian society, may it be the 19th century, or present. It’s 2020, we need to stop using homosexuality as a punchline to grab people’s attention. Saif Ali Khan’s character replies, “Ma! I am not gay, aur agar hota bhi toh kya problem hai?” in response to Farida Jalal slyly mentioning that her friend’s son recently came out of the closet.

This is the first 10 seconds of the trailer of Jaawani Jaaneman. The wrongful casualness doesn’t end here. It carries forward further where we dive deep into Saif’s character in the film. He pulls off another Gautam Kapoor, his character from Cocktail (2012), who lives his life like a frivolous bachelor, and his routine consists of clubs, weightlifting while drinking beer and bringing women home.

This dream like idealistic bubble bursts, when one day a 21-year-old girl, the debutant (Alaya F), randomly turns up to his doorstep and gives him the news that will change his life, that there is a chance, he is her father. A DNA test confirms his fears, but on the good side, he makes peace with his past and tries to be a responsible father. We think that it’s all going well and that’s when, the mother (Tabu) shows up. She seems to be living much more on the edge since her partying ways are even worse than Saif’s.

“I hate phone calls” is the response Tabu gives when Saif confronts her about at least informing him about this daughter of hers. They trade insults like ‘negative insaan’ and ‘hippie’ in the presence of their daughter, but somehow, they will have to be united and find a common ground.

Jawaani Jaaneman is a family drama, with problems true to the world it is set in, though how they talk about it, one would know only once it is released. It also features a remix of 90s hit ‘Ole Ole’ and the familiar Punjabi number ‘Jine Mera Dil Luteya’, following the trend of remakes. Directed by Nitin Kakkar, Jawaani Jaaneman hits the theatres on January 31, 2020.

Watch the trailer here –


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