The trailer of Jayeshbhai Jordaar a Yash Raj Film starring Ranveer Singh released on 19th April, 2022. The film is written and directed by Divyang Thakkar and it also casts Shalini Pandey in the lead role. The initial announcement made by the filmmakers was quite interesting and in the questionable context of fragrance less soap. Today, we have the answer to it. Turns out, this soap will help girls be saved from sexual assault and harassment. No fragrance from girls means no excitement in men. And “Aisi baat pe sir hilana compulsory hai” says Jayeshbhai who is astonished. This reminds us of all the times that our ancestors claimed the most disgusting of opinions with so much conviction that you are left speechless with a lot of repulsion. That’s the introductory expression on the face of our Jayeshbhai.  

Well, the film is not about soaps and fragrances, it’s about the courage and bravery it took of a Gujarati man to save his unborn daughter. That man is Jayeshbhai who is the son of the Sarpanch played by Boman Irani and his wife played by Ratna Pathak Shah. Jayeshbhai already has a daughter but his parents wish for a boy so that he can take the family ahead and become the next Sarpanch after Jayeshbhai. Jayeshbhai on the other hand is unprejudiced and has no particular preference for his child. In a society, who welcomes their baby boy as a successor of the family and their baby girl as a liability, it surely is hard to fight for your liability. 

The film has also showcased the codes that doctors in India have been using to convey the sex of the child to the parents. Apparently, the conjecture is that it happens to be the colour of the pen that doctors use to mark on the medical file. In this film, it is “Jai Shri Krishna” for a boy and “Jai Mata di” for a girl. And once they say Jai Mata Di, it’s either that the life of the fetus ends, or the life of the parents changes in a haphazard manner. Like it happened for Jayeshbhai and his wife Mudra. 

The cast of Jayeshbhai Jordaar is indeed interesting. The film may win big with its artists and the dialogues between them. Some scenes look hilarious. The director has also tried to put in a pinch of action with all the drama in the family. The topic of the film is revolutionary as well as heart pinching. 

We will just have to wait a little more to watch the Jordaar take on this heroism till 13th of May, 2022 as the film hits the theatres near you.


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