‘Jersey’ is a new movie directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri based on the life of an ex-cricketer, Arjun (Shahid Kapoor) who quits due to personal reasons. The trailer begins with Arjun asking his wife, Vidya (Mrunal Thakur) for money to buy a gift for their son on his birthday. Their house does not look in a good state and Vidya is on her way out for her job when she asks Arjun to take 100 for the gift to which he adamantly denies and asks for 500. 

It seems that the relationship between Arjun and Vidya is strained because despite having the money, she is unwilling to give it to him. An adorable bond is shared by the father and son which is heartwarming to watch in different instances shared in the trailer. Arjun makes a promise to buy his son, Kittu a jersey which he cannot break as demanded by his son. The steps he takes to keep his promise are extreme as he tries to steal from his wife after which she slaps him. 

“Kadhi ek vadhiya cricket player, aur ab ek loser” goes through his mind as he feels ashamed of himself and his life. There is always a ray of light and his coach (Pankaj Kapur) comes to him with the job of an assistant coach. Arjun is worried that he has lost the ground that he once had. Coach says, “Choda nahi, bhaga tha tu waha se”. The trailer then takes us to the past where Arjun was an exceptional cricketer with fans cheering for him and the cricket ground being lit up and most importantly, he was happy! 

Coach’s words seem to be true on seeing Arjun in his form in the past, “Meine apne poore career mein tujhse behtar batsman nahi dekha, teri jagah toh Team India mein thi”. Audiences can also see how passionate Vidya and Arjun were for each other in the past but in the present, Vidya keeps serving as a reminder of how his chance is over, however hard he tries. 

He is scared, not for himself but for his son’s view of him, “Uski nazroon mein se ek katra bhi kam mein hone nahi dunga, Vidya”. A glimpse into the aggressive youth of Arjun is given followed by their wedding. That scream on the railway station was the perfect depiction of anger burning up inside Arjun with no source out. 

It’s time to decide who Arjun will choose, his career or his family as the latter won’t stay if he chooses the former. At the end of this trailer, an old Arjun is seen polishing his bat and I think we all know his decision. 

‘Jersey’ is based on a 2019 Telugu movie with the same title. Shahid Kapoor seems to have set into the role of Arjun really well as an ex-cricketer as well as a now-father. With the trailer, the movie looks like a good watch with love, passion, career, mistakes, and much more. O

‘Jersey’ releases on 31st December in your nearest cinemas.

You can catch the trailer here –


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