Watch the teaser and you’ll know a storm is coming, watch the trailer and you’ll know this might be more than just that.
Shahid Kapoor is back, and how, with Sandeep Vanga’s Kabir Singh, the official Hindi remake of Vanga’s Arjun Reddy. Now those who have watched the film will quickly realise that this might just be a scene-by-scene adaptation of the 2017 Telugu blockbuster, but for those who haven’t, this might just be the masala romantic drama you had been waiting for this year.

The film, starring Kapoor and Kiara Advani, revolves around the eccentric yet talented surgeon Kabir (Kapoor), who goes into self-destruction mode after a failed romance with his college sweetheart (Advani). Unadulterated pain clouded by alcoholism, drugs and raw anger consume him as he quickly starts disregarding not only his medical profession, but his personal priorities as well, including his own life. What happens thereafter? Does he ever find a way back, or does he succumb to his self-inflicted torture — that forms the crux of the story.

What shines throughout the trailer is Kapoor’s powerful command over acting. If his Udta Punjab‘s Tommy Singh were to be revived as an intense, modern version of Devdas, this is how he might’ve turned out to be. 
Kapoor’s chemistry with Advani looks refreshingly simple and sweet, but what looks solid is him seemingly bringing his A-game for a very complex character. Kabir lives in the extremes – be it in love or destruction – and Kapoor seems to bring that out to the forefront with wonderful ease. If the stills are anything to go by, this can be another shining feather in the 38-year-old’s cap, coming right on time after his previous Box Office dud Batti Gul Meter Chalu. The background music is fast-paced and full of power, majorly hinting at Kabir’s eccentricity and the inexplicable rage that’s building up in his mind and heart. Arijit Singh’s vocals in the background, too, echoes the titular character’s heartbreak and utter inability to move on from the love of his life.

What’s striking in this remake is that, unlike several others, the director of original film, Vanga, is directing this one too, thereby also making it his Bollywood directorial debut. Who better than the original maker himself to do his film justice, after all?

Releasing on June 21, 2019, Kabir Singh looks all promising for several reasons, and we, at The Red Sparrow, give the much-anticipated trailer a big thumbs up.

Watch the trailer here –


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