As gruesome was the tragedy of Kedarnath, it is difficult to imagine and recreate itself and the the life after. Director Abhishek Kapoor with his upcoming movie, Kedarnath, is trying to show the world what the heavy floods, in the year 2013, did to the city and the people living in it. The trailer dropped in early today and it seems convincing enough for us to to say it might do justice with what we expect. Showing off the beautiful tirth and around while engaging in a love story between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl. Sushant Singh Rajput being a server to the people who have come to visit the temple and Sara Ali Khan plays the role of a girl who belongs to a conservative Hindu family who are against her relationship and are trying to marry her off.

Amidst all of this, we see Sara saying a dialogue, “Main jaap karugi ki pralay aaye”. This is where the story takes a turn and the floods hit the city. There are scenes where people, buildings, structures, everything is just flowing away with the water, nothing left to call it a city. With the last frame of Sushant standing and just watching the city flow away. It seems interesting but at the same time horrifying to watch how the people of Kedarnath must have dealt with the calamity and coped up with it later.

Sara Ali Khan’s debut, releasing on the 7th of December has created a lot of buzz because of the topic it deals with, and hoping for a new diva in the industry.

Watch the trailer here –


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