The trailer of Kuruthi opens with the dark tone not only in the setting of the scene but also in the dialogues. Throughout the trailer that lasts for a little less than 2 minutes, we see various weapons being drawn & this sets the tone for the movie. 

Kuruthi is a political thriller and the word literally translates to ‘ritual slaughter’. Produced by Supriya Menon and Prithviraj Productions, the trailer talks about religious and political struggles that are shown to be synonymous with revenge and bloodshed. The trailer conveys an important message through a powerful dialogue- ‘Ever since humans started walking on two feet, there’s only one thing that they never stopped doing – fight with each other and kill each other.’

Kuruthi is about how enduring human relations are & how they transcend the struggle with boundaries so as to survive the trials of hatred and prejudices. The film is set in Erattupetta, Kerala where a man named Ibrahim (Roshan Mathew) is trying to justify his actions by calling them the will of God. While the female lead seems to be a guiding light who asks the ethical questions even as we are shown constant massacre. 

The film stars magnificent actors like Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Murali Gopi and Shine Tom Chacko among others. As fast paced as the trailer is, we can make out from the glimpses of the movie that it has all the elements to keep the audiences glued to their seat but of course the final verdict will have to wait for the film’s release. Directed by Manu Warrier and written by Anish Pallyal, the trailer promises a range of emotions and an understanding of the underlying complexity of them all. 

Kuruthi is set to release on Onam, that is, on 11th August on Amazon Prime Video. Catch the trailer here – 



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