Propaganda is often used as a device to further a political rhetoric – but when a movie maker employs it via a trailer, that’s a real win. The negative connotations attached to the word all but go away, because some hype is necessary for a movie to succeed.

Laal Kaptaan’s trailer has been deployed gradually over a period of two months in three different chunks. This serves a purpose because it is essentially a 7 minute trailer in bite sized pieces – it builds up anticipation in the audience. While the trailer has grabbed to eyeballs of a large number of movie buffs, it still hasn’t received the hype it truly deserves.

Starring Saif Ali Khan as the protagonist of this murdery-mystery-historic thriller, Laal Kaptaan’s trailer is a true spectacle to behold. The plot remains as elusive, yet we are given little bits of dialogue and the music to get an idea about the script and composition. Which are both wonderful. Laal Kaptaan is the tale of a Naga Sadhu who is out for revenge, and that is the only thing that you can glean off of the trailer. The opening itself is terrifying in it’s own right – the images of the reaper riding atop a bull riding to get you is not the rosiest of it. The darkness and the murkiness serves as an impetus; for I was left scratching my head in awe. The raw, original characterization shown in the trailer is something that has been executed beautifully. The music score is also just as enigmatic and energetic, kudos to Samira Koppikar. Apart from Saif Ali Khan, Laal Kaptaan’s Cast also includes Zoya Hussain, Manav Vij, Deepak Dobriyal and Simone Singh among others.

In the past few years, Saif Ali Khan has done a splendid job of carefully selecting his roles. With some beautiful caricatures that have left a mark in our hearts, while also having some poorly chosen movies but at the same time learning from his mistakes and adapting roles to his age and the current scenario. All of this makes Laal Kaptaan a very intriguing watch, and we are all looking forward to it.

Laal Kaptaan is coming to a Theater near you on 18th October.

Watch the trailer here –


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