They say that “First Impression is the Best Impression”. Opening with a banger of a Universal Truth, Made in China  has certainly left a bold and hilarious first impression. Directed by Mikhil Musale, Made in China stars Rajkummar Rao, Mouni Roy, Boman Irani and even a special appearance by Paresh Rawal, among others. 

 The trailer is about a rambunctious Gujarati salesman with a burning entrepreneurial spirit navigating his way through the twisty path of creating a Business empire. With a heavy Gujarati accent and an infectious energy, rajkummar rao fits right into the shoes of Raghuvir Mehta. Stereotypes aside, the trailer seems heavy on Innuendo, sprinkled with hilarious yet subtle jokes. However vulgar, it gets a rise out of you for the sheer ingenuity of the writers. Acclaimed Television star Mouni Roy is seen here as Rukmini Mehta, Mehta’s love interest. The two make way for some hilarious exchanges, yet share a lot of chemistry. The trailer shows Mehta traveling to China and gets his hands upon a magical “soup” that makes the soldier stand straight again. Make it rise from death again, if you may. The awakening is quite intense too, presumably. Then there is the business partner who is an old man who knows a lot about it – Dr. Vardha, played by the very amazing Boman Irani. The character draws inspiration from Dr. Mahinder Watsa, from the Mirror. As you might have guessed, this film is not for little kids. 

Inspired by Chinese Comedy Drama titled, “Dying to Survive”, only the scenario is reversed. The protagonist travels to India to find a miracle drug, and vice versa in Made in China. While the Chinese counterpart had a more social outlook, Made in China also serves as a medium of starting a conversation about the taboo that is sex in India, however vague and rudimentary.

The trailer is very hilarious, and sets a premise for a film that will be high on laughter. The film also boasts of a very talented roster of actors, very capable of making the audience burst. 

Made in China will come to a theater near you on 25th October. 

Watch the trailer here –



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