“Why should we consider you”, this sounds like a formal interview question but it was actually Meenakshi (Sanya Malhotra) interrogating Sundareshwar (Abhimanyu Dasani) for a reason to marry him. Vivek Soni directorial ‘Meenakshi Sunderashwar’ just released its trailer and the initial introduction looks quite quirky and different as compared to the norm. Sundareshwar gives an analogy of how engineers make the best husbands as they do not give up easily, be it ‘engineering or relationships’. With coding and a lot of sticky notes on the wall, Sundareshwar gives us a peek into engineering. 

Meenakshi has a dream of her own to work at a small firm and make a big difference rather than working at a big firm where she can make no difference. We also get to know that she is a huge fan of ‘Superstar Rajinikanth’. Her imitation of Rajnikanth with the goggles in the pink saree was adorable. Giving us the feels of an authentic South-Indian wedding along with South-Indian background music, the wedding shenanigans begin. 

The audience can see a rift between Sundareshwar and his father as Sundareshwar feels ashamed to run his small family business, as said by his father. Right after the marriage, when the newlywed Meenakshi and Sundareshwar are about to get intimate, he gets a job confirmation in Bangalore meaning he has to leave in 5 hours. With the couple getting no time to spend together, Sundareshwar leaves. He also gets an ultimatum from his dad about the reputation of the company. 

Reality hits the couple when Sundareshwar tells Meenakshi that he can neither come back to Madurai nor call her to Bangalore. This is where Meenakshi steals the show by giving him her 100% support and empowering him to do something for him, for them. 

“Long distance relationships are hard” is depicted by a few funny scenes where they try t communicate with each other. Meenakshi is shown to travel to Bangalore to support Sundareshwar but she catches him partying and dancing with his friends, after which she feels completely lost in their relationship. Sundareshwar tells her to consider him as a loss-making company of Madurai which needs her patience and support. Drama continues and at some point, Meenakshi seems to be done in the relationship.

“Can their marriage survive the long distance?”, is the question this movie asks. It is a general question that every person in a long distance relationship feels. The trailer ends with a role play which you may have to watch for yourself!

‘Meenakshi Sundareshwar’ is set to release on 5th November on Netflix.

You can catch the trailer here –


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