“Mismatched Season 2” is all about love, loss and lessons – once again. A continuation from where the first season left off, the second season seems to have more seriousness in its trailer. The trailer for “Mismatched Season 2” is a two-minute long sneak peek into the lives of our coding students. Directed by Akarsh Khurana, this season stars the same faces –Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf as Dimple and Rishi, the original couple. Although, this season has more complicated relationships with actors Vihaant Samat, Muskkaan Jaferi, Taaruk Raina, Devyani Shorey, Kritika Bharadwaj and Abhinav Sharma. The trailer opens with a conversation between Dimple and Harsh about their kiss and moves forward into showing they’ve become friends if nothing more.

This time around, they have new hurdles, new problems, new friends and relationships. It is around the young adult experience tracing the individual journeys of the characters through friendship, misfit relationships and betrayal. After a worthwhile first season, the second season holds the responsibility to deliver a good following storyline. It needs to obviously work on the lower points that the first season fell short of; like the fact that the supporting characters need to be a tad more realistic and have a little more depth in their being. The trailer does promise more on the supporting cast. It also has a new character that will be shown in the newer love angle with Rishi. This group struggles to genuinely discover themselves as they deal with identity challenges, bullying, mental health issues, and body shaming with their futures on the line, and we are all for it!

This season, although Dimple and Rishi’s relationship looks to have hit a rough period, their love still seems to be present. It is through this turmoil that the second season perhaps would unfold, showing us a raw, relatable romantic comedy.

“Mismatched Season 2” releases on Netflix on October 14.


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