The trailer for Tom Cruise’s next mission (should he choose to accept), Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 is here. Once again directed by Christopher McQuarrie who directed the previous two films, this one too shows the velocity and ferocity of what Ethan Hunt will be facing in his quest to save the world.

Just like the other films from the franchise, the world has come against a bigger threat whose main intention is to disrupt the world leading to catastrophic war scenario. In the trailer, we see a side of Ethan Hunt which we may have never seen in the other films. Of course, he is seen doing much bigger and crazier things. But it’s perhaps the first time we see a glimpse of Ethan Hunt prioritizing his team, his friends over the mission. One of the best aspects of the franchise has been seeing Hunt grow as an individual, and naturally as he turns older, his vulnerabilities begin to seep into his professional life. McQuarrie, who also served as a co-writer on last year’s box office mammoth “Top Gun: Maverick”, seems to understand this thin line extremely well. Cruise and McQuarrie’s palpable love and attachment for these films shows, and now Hunt finally may have to choose to save his friends or complete the mission.

The trailer shows new entries in the franchise like Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Esai Morales and Henry Czerny. It also indicates that maybe Ethan Hunt may have an equal opponent this time, a villain played by Esai Morales. Who knows, maybe Ethan Hunt may really have a Mission that is impossible.

Filled with high voltage action, unimagined action sequences and nerve wrecking chases, the trailer shows glimpses of high tempo and “edge of the seat” scenes. With a run-time of 2 minutes 29 seconds, the whole vibe and adrenaline may give a feeling of being repetitive, but action fascinado couldn’t wait for the film to be released. The shots, the flow and the message portrayed is almost the same as the teaser, the story and base too is kept well concealed. We also see a new take on the cinematography like the Dutch angle shots in scenes of confrontation and conflict. Tom Cruise isn’t the only one seen running, Simon Pegg too is. Come as it may, the trailer shows promise an action packed Mission Impossible experience to all the Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible franchise lovers.

The film releases on 12th July 2023 in theatres near you.


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