As I write this trailer talk, there is a surge of hope in my heart. A wish that The Professor’s students inside the Bank of Spainto come out victorious. I could literally hear my heart thudding in the one minute fifty-two seconds trailer! 

Season 4 of this iconic show ended with many stories & cliffhangers which shattered our hearts. For instance Nairobi (Alba Flores) getting shot in front of her heist-family, The Professor (Àlvaro Morte) getting caught by Alicia, Lisbon getting rescued and entering the Bank of Spain. The viewers literally had their hearts in their mouths in the final minutes of the season finale.

The newly released trailer of Season 5 begins with that same uncertainty. When Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) started her narration, “Locked up for a hundred hours, trapped, about to be killed,…” I got goosebumps. Just the trailer’s introduction has the power to shoot up expectations of viewers of this nail biting show!

My heart sank when I saw The Professor, bound by chains, being pushed down the railing in his very own hiding spot by the antagonist, Alicia. The call by Lisbon to The Professor was so full of hope but the conversation after that about the stormwater tank being discovered disappointed all the listeners. As Sergio said, “It’s possible this is the last time I speak to all of you”, I was in the exact mode of denial like Tokyo.

This is precisely the opportunity Agent Luis Tamayo took to take on the gang at their weakest moment. “No father, No plan, No Hope” – the trauma of losing connection with The Professor, who was their eyes into the outside world, their guardian angel, their key to getting out and most importantly their family, was emotionally consuming even for me just from watching the trailer.

It will only take the viewers fifty-third seconds to see that a ray of sunshine break through what seems like a dead end. Up until now, we assumed that only Sergio could get them out but we are forgetting about his colleagues, his confederates Lisbon and Palermo being capable enough to devise a plan to get out and “not end up in a morgue.” Seeing the gang walk towards the front gate with broad shoulders filled with confidence and ammunition was a mood uplifter in that moment.

Our society has taught us that stealing is wrong and it should not be condoned but watching Money Heist surely makes you question it all but never lightly. As they fight for their lives, we see our heart beating faster than ever hoping for them to come out alive and triumphant. In this group of losers, we see ourselves trying to stand confident and fight the atrocities of the society in our own peculiar way. 

In the closing remarks, Berlin speaks about finding authentic liberation and paying a price if they have to come as beacons of light, along with the command, “ALWAYS FIGHT, NEVER SURRENDER”. 

Money Heist Part 5 – Volume 1, we are ready for you to stream on Netflix from 3rd September! Bella Ciao!

You can catch the trailer here –


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