The Marvel Studio is back with a new and the most exciting addition to date, Moon Knight. This is a six-episode series that is going to be released on Disney+Hotstar starting March 2022 and we cannot keep calm any longer. With this movie, the writer, Dough Moench and director, Mohamed Diab have entered into the realm of psychological disorders, mainly dissociative identity disorder (DID). 

The trailer begins with the ticking of a clock echoing in a fully locked room with Steven (Oscar Isaac) solving a rubix cube. In a dark and somber theme, the door is seen to be sealed and locked while Steven is putting a restrictive belt on his own leg. His narration begins in which he says that he has a sleeping disorder and how he cannot tell the difference between his waking life and dreams. There is a lot of chaos in terms of the audio which represents the chaos in Steven’s mind – he is laughing and crying at the same time and there is an audio playing with suspenseful noises. 

The alarm clock rings and Steven tries to run out of bed, not realizing that he is tied to it, eventually falling down. He attempts at living a normal life including getting out of bed, going out for work, using public transport and more. Steven works at a museum about Egypt where he is shown to get bullied by his co-worker like mispronouncing his name. He keeps relating that “he cannot tell the difference between life and dreams”, while seeing a masked reflection of himself in the mirrors in dark rooms. 

Hallucinations are common and yet scary for him as he sees people in different forms than what they actually are like the old lady in the lift. One very interesting thing I noticed here was that while staring at his reflection at the museum, he left but the reflection did not. Steven randomly finds an old ringing phone and a key in a locker which he answers and hears the name Marc. 

The trailer only gets more confusing after this as he does not know who Marc is and why he is addressed as Marc. a new personality enters and he has a charm or power which forces people to bow down, but not Steven. The darkness does not end there. He is unable to control his aggression at many instances and is seen breaking glasses and hitting himself. 

With a truck ride with a surprise gun in his hand, Steven is seen reaching Egypt and running in a dark area. The background narration tells Steven to embrace the chaos in his head, the voices he hears. Immediately after which, Steven is shown being wrapped in armor, like a superhero. And there he is, Steven, aka Marc – Moon Knight, our newest Marvel character. 

Marvel movies have a knack of creating a different sort of thrill in the audiences. I found Moon Knight to be an extremely distinct character among others. With his DID and blackouts, the confusion in his eyes is evident. The storyline of this upcoming series is completely different which makes it a perfect Marvel product. Every character of Marvel has a unique past and Moon Knight is more confusing than anyone else. 

Oscar Isaac, I must say, is a phenomenal actor and his portrayal of Steven is beyond brilliant. The entire trailer had him in picture and I could not take my eyes off, even for a second. I did not realize when the 1 minute 59 seconds trailer got over. The way he has depicted the chaos in Steven’s life with the sleeping disorder, blackouts and memory loss is marvelous and yet very real. Running away from the chaos inside his head seemed painful to me but the twist at the end was terrific. 

To build a story on a psychological disorder with appropriate amounts of confusion, bizarre and more is the Marvel way of doing things. 

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