‘Nazar Andaaz’ is a Bollywood drama movie, directed by Vikrant Deshmukh. Just out with its three-minute extended trailer, the film stars Kumud Mishra, Abhishek Banerjee and Divya Dutta in the lead roles. The trailer is long but very sweet in its delivery of the plot. The trailer begins with a blind man asking Kumud’s character, Sudhir, to help him cross the road, unaware that Sudhir is blind by birth as well. The highlight and what makes the plot even more interesting is that Sudhir despite being blind himself, helps another blind man cross the road fearlessly whilst cutting through heavy traffic carelessly.

The story of the film promises to highlight comedy even in the drama that it is set in. An old Sudhir lives alone with his lazy and trickster housemaid Bhavani. In the trailer we also see Sudhir taking in a street thief named Ali to help around the house. Both Bhavani and Ali seem to not get along, clearly because of their own selfish, almost criminal reasons. They seem to envy each other and realize that they both have their eyes set on Sudhir’s wealth. It is in the middle of the long trailer that we figure out that perhaps Sudhir has other plans for both of them which they are unaware of and sets on a journey to discover the world with them.

The movie title is a clear case of irony; a wordplay curated to mean a lot about how we are unaware of what we have as a default necessity may be a luxury to many others. Another meaning could be the ‘Andaaz’ – the attitude of Sudhir towards his Nazar (eyesight). The film is about the emotional journey of its three characters. The trailer is faulty and very uneasily edited. The direction might be okay, the actors are talented and seem to be performing well too, but it is the editing that I’m most afraid of. The trailer itself has uneven cuts and rough transitions. Even the end of the trailer is too vague. The sound in the trailer is not smoothing out with its screenplay and it looks like a very hastily done job which shouldn’t have been the case. The trailer is too long as well and gives away a lot of the plot. I hope that the film is nice in terms of the storyline at least because the cast is well-loved and deserves good scripts and a good effort in their films. Hoping to see more and better frames in the whole movie, we await the upcoming ‘Nazar Andaaz.’

‘Nazar Andaaz’ releases on 7th October 2022, in a theatre near you.

Watch the trailer of ‘Nazar Andaaz’ here-


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