The unparalleled brilliance of Shakespearean Theatre has acted as the seed of countless films that have tried to harp onto the greatness that The Bard of Avon left in his wake. A few Noble men from Bollywood have tried to add a Desi Element to Shakespearean comedies, such ad Omkara (Othello), Haider (Hamlet), Ram Leela, Issaq and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (all based on Romeo and Juliet) and so on.

Here we have another movie with a similar premise, based on Merchant of Venice. It’s not a true adaptation, however, and the trailer is quite sinister yet leaves us with just the right amount of anticipation.

It’s the middle of winter in an upscale boarding school, and our protagonist is talking to his mother via Skype. For a moment it reminded me of Dead Poets Society, as we have a rather bohemian teacher, played by Kunal Kapoor who is talking about the greatness of theater. But that’s where the similarity ends; for this is not a movie about unearthing passion but of endurance and hardship. On the receiving end of severe abuse and bullying by some contemptible teenagers for refusing to give up his role in a play, our protagonist Shay (Ali  Haji) refuses to budge. Events unfold which lead to even further ostracization of Shay, which leads to resentment and feelings of vengeance. The film deals with the what happens due to these circumstances.

It seems like a very intense and emotional watch, as several of us might have been on the receiving end of hormone packed anger and undeserving mean-spiritedness. Directed by Vandana Kataria and backed by Yoodlee films, we are definitely looking forward to watching this movie.

The film is coming to a theater near you on 28th June.

Watch the trailer here –


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