‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’ is a new upcoming series on Voot Select starring Tahir Raj Bhasin, Amala Paul and Amrita Puri in leading roles set in the backdrop of the 70’s. In this show, directed by Mahesh Bhatt, a director goes from nothing to becoming a veteran director receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. It has already managed to create an atmosphere of thrill and excitement in the trailer.

The trailer begins with Mr Shankar Vats (Tahir Raj Bhasin) being called on stage for receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award while showing how his journey began. Bollywood was a city of stars in 1970, with directors like Vats who could finish four days’ worth of work in a day in the need of money. His wife, Anju (Amrita Puri) is shown to be extremely supportive towards his work and asks him to follow his dream while she takes care of the rest.

With 4 flop films, Shankar is on his way to meet a new producer who is very important for his career. The producer’s only condition to fund the film is for them to cast the superhit Amna Parvez (Amala Paul) in it. Amna makes a charismatic entry and the film is set in motion. On explaining the film to her, she notices how the story is not great but the spark and passion that Shankar radiated was captivating.

Amna and Shankar soon get close to each other over the discussions and the chemistry is evident between them. They are shown to get intimate with each other and Shankar seems to have forgotten that he has his own family back home. Anju tells him about how a third person can ruin a good marriage like their own. Being devastated as she should be, she tells that they waited for him only so that he could work hard for them. Soon, Shankar breaks off his relationship with Amna over a phone call which leaves her shattered.

There is a major conflict seen between the trio with Shankar feeling stuck in between two women who want him entirely. Anju is tired of him and their relationship breaks down in front of her daughter with tears in her eyes. Shankar’s mother (Zarina Wahab) seems to be his comfort space when they are on the beach and she gives him peace of mind.

Towards the end of the trailer, a lot of events happen all together which only increase the thrill of the show. A deliberate car accident stunt by Amna in order to commit suicide alone, a fight between Shankar and his close friend, a ladies mob hitting Amna, a dead body with the tag 171 and much more. The background score has perfectly complemented the sequence of events occurring in the last few seconds of the trailer.

“Mein hamesha kehta tha na ki mere paas kahani nahi hai, aaj kahani hai mere paas”, says Shankar drenched in rain one night which marks the end of this trailer. That’s how he walked on a path of being the famous veteran director, writer and producer. Tahir Raj Bhasin has yet again proved to be a versatile actor with this role only enhancing his performances. His struggle between lust and family and recognition is portrayed exceptionally. Amrita Puri has played the role of Anju magnificently as the helplessness and support depicted by her strikes appropriately. Lastly, Amala Paul in the role of Amna looks beautiful and her bouts of self destruction look as real as ever.

Being in Bollywood has its perks but the journey to reach the top is not always an easy one. Through the life of Shankar Vats, we can see what all has to be done in order to make a film that is the best of best in order to gain recognition. The thin line between family and career is often burned down in this course, leading to numerous issues in personal life. All in all, ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’ looks like a good watch with a different concept and a mind-blowing cast.

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