Known for directing the soul-soothing movie Karwaan, Akarsh Khurana is back with another hit movie, Rashmi Rocket. The trailer for this movie was released a few minutes ago and I am filled with nothing but enthusiasm. In the trailer, we see Rashmi (Tapsee Pannu) strolling on the white sands of Kutch, Gujarat before we catch a glimpse of her ready to run. Her father can be heard in the background praising Rashmi for listening to herself. This trailer reveals as its first message that is inspired by the struggles of many female athletes. 

In the first few seconds of the trailer, we can see several things happening which eventually lead to the downfall of Rashmi. She is seen narrating, “Jis desh ke liye medals jite na, usne ek chutki mein itni zor se giraya ki crash hogaya seedha rocket, Bhanu ben!” The loving relationship of mother and daughter is apparent as Rashmi’s mother (Supriya Pathak) is seen embracing her in a hug. This trailer also seems to give a promise of a deep love-story between Rashmi and her ‘fauji boyfriend’ (Priyanshu Painyuli) along with some traditional dancing in the course of the movie. 

The audience will also get to witness Rashmi in her rocket-mode, running a few different grounds and winning several medals. One minute in and there is something unusual happening where Rashmi is called for a blood test and instructed to remove all her clothes by the doctor. The dread on Rashmi’s face is pretty noticeable and actually valid. This part is unclear, but Rashmi is seen crying in the field as her friend bad mouths her about her truth coming out one day or another that she is more of a boy than a girl. 

Rashmi, falsely accused and tortured by the media everywhere, is seen hiding from the camera flashes as she walks out with her fiancé. Teammates have turned against her and in response to a question about who has benefited from Rashmi’s ban, her teammate says, “desh ko hua hai, at least  we don’t have a fraud on our team anymore”. Banned from the sports association, Rashmi isn’t allowed to run for her team anymore. A lawyer (Abhishek Banerjee) is seen wanting to file a case in the high court on behalf of Rashmi. 

A very inspiring moment from the trailer is when Rashmi and her mother are having a conversation and she says that people in the village do not want to become like Rashmi anymore. In response to this statement, Rashmi asks, “ladke jaisi?”, to which her mother’s response gave me goosebumps, “Kamzor”. 

A petition has been filed against the Indian Sports Association for human rights violation by Rashmi. This is followed by a song which conveys all the emotions that a dejected athlete might be going through and it is extremely empowering, ‘ab mein zid pe add gayi hu’. The last few seconds of the trailer shows how this fight is for all those female athletes who have been wronged based on one test and have lost a lot. The lawyer asks about the rights of this country’s daughters, female athletes who deserve a ‘sunvahi’ at the very least. 

Rashmi is seen training in different settings as she runs along the beach, pulls tires, and runs like a rocket with the support of her fiance. “Saare medal meine iss country ke liye jeete hai na, justice bhi mujhe yehi se chahiye”, is the rock solid motivation with which she is fighting for herself. This movie looks like a complete package filled with family, love, support, and a fight against ban and defamation. After all, a female is strong enough to defend herself! Towards the end of the trailer, Rashmi can be seen running with a smile on her face as she wins and drapes herself with the Indian flag. It’s going to be an inspiring watch!  

Rashmi Rocket is set to release on 15st October, 2021 on Zee5. You can catch the trailer here –


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