Replete with badassery and rambunctiousness up to the nines, we have “Revolver Dadi” and “Shooter Dadi” to shoot the patriarchy and break norms in the trailer for Saandh ki Aankh.

Based on the real life of Chandro Tomar and Prakashi Tomar, Otherwise lovingly referred to as “Shooter Dadi” and “Revolver Dadi”. These Octogenarians are well known around the world as Iconoclasts; women who broke the bounds of society. Hailing from one of the most unsafe and misogynistic places in the world, and being more than 60 while embarking on this brave journey, these women are icons of women empowerment.

With an unwavering stance and the confidence of a Hundred men, we have Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar reprising the role of Chandro and Prakashi Tomar respectively. These are tough shoes to fill, admittedly, but they both seem it pull it off with relative ease. Not afraid to point the gun at any stranger that stands in the way, these old women have shown immense courage to stand in the face of immense adversities which was very well portrayed by both the actors as per the trailer. In terms of characterisation, the cast has hit a sweet spot. Saandh ki Aankh has an immensely talented roster of Actors. Bhumi Pednekar and Taapsee Pannu have given us some excellent performances in the past. We also have Prakash Jha as the antagonist, but we don’t see much of him in the trailer. There are plenty of heavy and hard-hitting dialogues in the trailer, giving a taste of how Saandh ki Aankh itself is.

For the uninitiated, these Sharpshooting Grandmas have 352 medals between them which shows how incredible they really are. The plot revolves around the challenges they face mainly from the deep rooted patriarchal society and rampant Ageism they face. Regardless, Saandh ki Aankh is bound to be an emotional ride and will inspire you to break the mound. Dare I say, this biopic might have hit the bullseye in terms of the plot and characters.

Produced by Anurag Kashyap and Nidhi Parmar, it also marks the Debut of Tushar Hiranandani. It is coming to a theater near you on 25th October, 2019.

Watch the trailer here –


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