On March 19th, Netflix on Twitter posted,

Calendar nikaal. Tareekh likh le. 14 din mein kuch bada hone wala hai

This set all the depraved fans of the brilliant show on high alert, as this was a hint at the much anticipated second season of the Saif ali khan starrer that left us all perplexed and in love with its thrilling narrative. There was a post on Instagram too, but that again was too vague and only hinted at it. Well, fret not my friend for netflix has yet again teased the second season, and this time it’s official.

Netflix has done a great job at building up the fans expectations, with it’s drip feeding of updates. After the show was covered in a mire of undeserved controversy regarding its unadulterated presentation of it’s characters, viz. The nudity and crass language, I worried that the show would not have the same rawness or we would even get a second season. But now all the worries are in the wind, as we see the teaser and my senses tingle in anticipation. We see a few new unknown characters, as we can see Kalki Koechlin and Ranvir Shorey further building the mystery. A last glimpse is given of Guruji(Pankaj Tripathi), Gaitonde’s teesra baap(Third father), another character rather shrouded in mystery.

No official release date has been announced, however. Let’s wait and see if it matches our expectations.

Watch the Cast Revel here –


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