Set in 1919 Jallianwala Bagh, this is a story about an underdog in Indian history, Udham Singh (Vicky Kaushal). The trailer begins with statistics about 1650 rounds of bullets fired and a brutal bloodbath. In the background, we can hear a British narrating how ‘Indians never forgive their enemy, they strike them down, even after 20 years’ with a passport being stamped in the scene. There is an ongoing meeting taking place in a closed room with British ministers discussing how Gandhi has left for Amritsar followed by an order to ‘Arrest Gandhi!’

Twenty seconds in the trailer, we can see Udham Singh saying, “aur agar ab kuch nahi kiya na toh agle 100 saalon tak in angrejo ke neeche rahenge hum” as he is on his way to foggy London. With no sleep and a vision of death in the future, Udham Singh is trying to soak up the shade of dull, grey London. Getting accustomed to the routine of British officials, he is seen making a note of the whereabouts of every officer while walking on streets or hiding behind trees. There is a small glimpse of him practicing shooting in an open forest with glass bottles as his target.

There is a ray of hope when a British Female, Irene (Kristy Averton) talks to Udham Singh about being there if he wants the freedom of his people. As the conversation proceeds, Udham Singh responds, “I fight… Different way”. He is not joking as there is a sense of rebellion in him against the British. He plans on striking in the “heart of London” to deliver his message across the globe. His face is covered in blood, he is sitting in a police van, being taken to be tortured by the British. With punches and steaming hot water on his face they are trying to get information about his next target. 

Massive protests against British rule are taking place in Amritsar against the Rowlatt Act. Revolution is indeed a dangerous game with gunshots and death of people as a byproduct. The British are ready to set an example of terror for themselves. Ude / Uham Singh, a man with a hidden identity in the heart of London, made sure that the world never forgets. He said, “murder ko protest manega ya protest ko murder, aapka British law?” before briefly describing his scheme to avenge his country at Caxton Hall where the East India Association is supposed to hold an event on 13th March. 1940 sent a wave of terror and dread through me. 

He says, “Tell people I was a revolutionary” sitting inside a jail cell wearing a black and white striped uniform and a swollen face. This movie is based on true events and the scenes in the trailer look extremely sombre and nerve-wracking. Shoojit Sircar’s directed ‘Sardar Udham’ is going to be a revolution in itself as it narrates the story of a selfless Singh with a passion to fight for his country. Vicky Kaushal has donned the role of Udham Singh with utmost precision which is evident in the 2 minutes 17 seconds trailer itself. 

The movie “Sardar Udham” is set to release on Amazon Prime on 16th October.

You can catch the trailer here –


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