Ooh, the last question stings. And you feel yourself asking the same question with the interviewer, What is Sheela seeking from this? Redemption for herself?

Let the journey into the past, into the graveyards, into the myths and the supposed truths, the coverups and the scandals, begin!

People say don’t dwell on the past, but if your past has been as interesting as Sheela, Osho’s sassy ex-secretary, then, well it’s an interesting if not necessarily a good past to dwell upon. People will always be intrigued by the larger than life concepts of spirituality and the big thought formers like Osho will reap from it. Netflix sees this. Knows this. They do their study. And hence they are bringing to you another documentary which draws from the real life experiences of Sheela, digging up her past and bringing her opinion to light. The only danger that looms is that of the documentary having an undertone of diplomacy and rather ending it on a diplomatic note. And that is for us to find out!

For many will be introduced to Sheela for the first time with this documentary and many will know her story, which seems to be the motive. The trailer, backtracks to her younger days, Sheela with a black head of hair, her time spent with Osho, the following allegations, the split with Bhagwan and the inevitable exile. Back in India after 3 and a half decades, the documentary gathers her interviews, her visits to presumably what appear to be Bollywood parties, chats with Karan Johar and as a result, you end up with a big pot of steaming content, you wanna dip your spoon in.

Searching for Sheela releases on Netflix on 22nd April.

Watch the trailer here –


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