An acclaimed coming of age comedy ‘Sex Education’, created by Laurie Nunn, is a series about the the lives of students, their families & staff members of Moordale High as they face challenges & dilemmas, many a times connected to sexual intimacy. Having completed 2 successful seasons, the show is all set to return with its third season.

We were all very eager for a continuation of this story since all we were left with was just one deleted voicemail confession in the series finale of Sex Education Season 2. If one were to go through fan theories & desires, it would be clear that every fan has been hoping that Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey) will get together in this new season.

The season 3 trailer begins with cars honking as Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) picks up Maeve in her new car to go to school. The picture is a bit vague, but we see Steve (Chris Jenks) holding a goat in the backseat of the car. Just as she has in the past two seasons, Maeve’s third season has yet another new hairdo, and she is killing it. And it’s not just Maeve who is rocking a new look! Otis has been trying to grow a mustache all summer and the efforts are, well, less than satisfactory. 

Following the Maeve-Otis drama of last season, we now see them directly eyeing each other, seemingly unconnected at the school parking compound. Touted as the “Sex School” by news channels, there are reporters seen trying to uncover the reason for it in this trailer. Thirty-five seconds in and a new head teacher Hope (Jemima Kirke) is seen entering Moordale High with morning greetings and introduction for herself. Contrary to her name, the teacher seems as authoritarian as she looks, attempting to hold students by the chains of old norms. She has perceived the students as people who get a ‘kick’ in giving the school a bad name. 

As the much-anticipated story of Adam (Connor Swindells) and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) unfolds, Adam is getting prepared to go public despite being called a ‘poofter’. While at Moordale High, there is a battle brewing between the faculty & the students with the new head adamant on getting “Moordale back on track”. 

‘Shame signs’ and knee-length socks are in view as Moordale gets colonized by the orthodox teachers. The new preaching being drilled into the minds of students is “Sex will ruin your life.”.  Almost all of us will agree with Maeve when she says that this can’t be taught; it’s backwards. Headmistress Hope is doing everything in her power to dull the shine of the students as she tries to convince them that they are not special and they should accept that. The destruction of some school structures is also apparent, and it is somewhat heartbreaking. Otis is heartbroken, but he attempts to cover his feelings by trying not to care anymore. The viewers finally see Isaac and Otis reunite when Otis drops off Maeve at her home as a ‘convenient’ excuse while Aimee is shown visiting Doctor Jean, trying to change herself to her old self again. 

There is finally a ray of hope in the trailer when Dr. Jean (Gillian Anderson) tells Aimee, “You may never be the old you, but that is okay”. As Moordale High students try to be the best version of themselves, they are trying to talk about their feelings and to be better. The trailer shows us various sights with different people yelling, which has only heightened our excitement. 

‘We grow older, we grow stronger, we grow together’ is the motto of this trailer and we are all set to hop on this journey with the students. Like mother, like son, at the end of the trailer, Otis says, You shouldn’t give someone the power to humiliate you. You’re great just the way you are” and it’s the best validation one can ever receive.  

In the final moments of this spectacular trailer, Otis and Maeve are seen stealing flirtatious glances at one another. Eric and Otis’ best friend-game has never been stronger, and it’s adorable to watch them dance up the stairs together! Sex Education Season 3, we’re ready for you! 

Season 3 releases on Netflix on 17th September. You can catch the trailer here –


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