What begins with a disturbing image itself, the teaser of promises to lead you into intense moments from the film.

Sonchiriya, set to release in February 2019, starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Manoj Bajpayee, Ranvir Shorey, Ashutosh Rana and Bhumi Pednekar with the Direction of Abhishek Chaubey has dropped it’s teaser like a chingari in the winters where everyone wants to be by one.

Not even 30 seconds into it and it will take you back to the feels of the classic Bandit Queen. With a rural area in the country dominated by gangsters, where we learn the name of the villain (or so we assume), Mansingh. Not being able to determine who plays this role and what roles are present in the film, it’s hard to determine whether Mansingh is a protagonist or antagonist. This is a good virtue of a teaser since it leaves you in a sense of curiosity which will only be fulfilled when you watch the trailer or may be the film.

We get introductions to all the main actors along with some narration. The mention of the Sonchirya, “that everyone is on a hunt to find it but no one will ever seek it” has you wonder and leaves you with a thread of thought which is exciting enough to look forward to find out. The action presented along with the heaviness in the atmosphere strongly suggests the air of the film. You have to expect some serious violence and graphic scenes before you enter the cinema hall.

The teaser seems very appropriate and welcoming for the genre that the film is set in. For obvious reasons, it does not cater to a large audience but some part of me senses the justification that will be done. If the teaser is so crisp, promises a good trailer and the film to be a must watch.

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