The industry’s attempt in the genre of horror has been a ride. And stepping into horror-comedy is not something that we see usually. Specially with an audience where it is difficult to have this kind accepted. It might be a challenge to pull off something like this and not have it mocked, but this is something we will only know once the movie is out.

This film is about a town where fables of this strange ghostly woman are lived by – who calls out men by their name and abducts them, leaving their clothes behind. Nobody knows about her or has had an encounter with the ‘stree’ and those who are abducted seldom show up to narrate the stories, but the fear stays true. Everybody diligently makes sure the inscription “O Stree, Kal Aana” (O Woman, Come Tomorrow) is written on their walls, and at night try and stay indoors. Amongst all this, Rajkumar Rao, comes across this beautiful woman at the annual festival of the town. This woman being Shraddha Kapoor is everything that a guy dreams of; while the odd thing about her is that she only shows up during the festival and never before or after.

This eerie coincidence gets Rajkumar’s friends irked about her, as RR is too much in love with her to have a doubt or think about anything else.

Now, the trailer obviously doesn’t confirm if she is the ‘stree’ who abducts men or if Rajkumar Rao is a victim to this. But the trailer definitely catches our attention and seems like a fun-light movie to watch, at least, in the genre it is set in.

If nothing else, we would definitely watch this for Rajkumar and his impeccable comic-timing, I cannot wait to see what he brings to this film and to the audience. We hope after the fallback of Fanney Khan, he is set to have the praise back. And Shraddha Kapoor, being the ‘girl next door’ she is, might break the image with this.

Watch the trailer here –


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