There is a lot happening in Remo D’Souza’s 3rd installment to the ABCD franchise, Street Dancer 3D, this time set in London. A film that started off talking about how Any Body Can Dance, this time weaves in another narrative, maybe one too many narratives to prove their point.

The trailer starts off with Varun Dhawan’s voiceover talking about how any battle between India-Pakistan is fun to watch, from cricket, all the way to DANCE. Very clearly the first stake we encounter through this trailer is Nationalism. The next one is subjectivity for art (Dance to impress – Dance to express), a concept this franchise debunked in its very first installment itself, shows itself back again. And last but not least, poverty.

Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor find each other on the opposite ends in this cross country dynamic while Varun Dhawan is opposed by Prabhudeva on the binary of subjectivity towards art. Aparshakti Khurrana seems to be playing a homeless man who has been lied to about something, which like the other narratives isn’t quite clearly distinguished.

However, over the three minutes of the trailer, we see that they realize that they are not different (Varun and Shraddha). The trailer doesn’t bring out any clarity about the core conflict this film presents itself with, by including so many plots leading to the ambiguity of what the film actually wants to project.

Directed by Remo D’Souza, and written by Tushar Hiranandani, this film comes out January 24th, 2020, and hopefully then answers all these questions of ambiguity in a fashion that is less jingoistic and more about the art form that this franchise has been about.

Watch the trailer here –



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