Anubhav Sinha’s movies depict everything that is wrong about society we have very easily ignored. In Mulk, he talked about the indifferent attitude we have towards Muslims and in Article 15 he showed the plight of lower caste people in India. In Thappad, we neither watch a Hindu-Muslim conflict nor an upper caste- lower caste divide. Instead, he has focussed on reversing the damage done by a few films which profess patriarchy and male chauvinism. 

A slap by Pavail Gulati to Taapsee Pannu sets the ball rolling for the story to kick in. We see them having a healthy relationship but things go down south after that unfortunate slap. She stops loving her husband after that incident and leaves home. She gets a legal notice to return home but she remains stubborn and files a lawsuit against her husband and asks for a divorce. Throughout the trailer, she remains stubborn and asks her husband to mend his ways. 

In the trailer, an elderly woman (a victim of male chauvinism and patriarchy) asks Taapsee to tolerate a few things to save the relationship. There’s also a dialogue that sheds a negative light on being labeled as a divorcee. All in all, this trailer makes you think of the damage done to society by men. This film might just be ambitious enough like Sinha’s previous outings by providing a solution to the conflict created. 

Towards the end of the trailer, they have attempted tongue-in-cheek humor by repeating Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s infamous monologue on how people who are deeply in love have the liberty to slap each other. Going by the trailer, it seems as if this movie was made in response to Kabir Singh’s brash attitude. As a person who loved that film, I didn’t feel very comfortable when they tried to bring in that unwanted perspective in an otherwise beautifully-cut trailer. We’ll have to wait and watch if the movie sticks to its soul or tries to bask in the fame of Kabir Singh to drive the audience to the theatre. 

Catch Thappad in theatres on the 28th of February, 2020.

Watch the ‘hard-hitting’ trailer here –


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