Nothing is permanent. The human body is frail; the mind even more so. Death is inevitable. Yet, we usually fail to accept the impermanence of our existence – or the impermanence of our loved ones existence. Piggybacking off of this premise we have Posthumous fame Lulu Wang bringing us The Farewell on June 12th, this year.

Based on some true events and her own life, the trailer takes us to the lives of a chinese immigrant called back to see her grandmother one last time. However, the grandmother doesn’t know that it might be her last time. She is suffering from terminal lung cancer but owing to an inability to speak english and her family, the matriarch is kept in the dark of her calling to the other worlds. A hastily whipped up wedding serving as an excuse for the extended family bring our protagonist, bili from America as she reels under the clash between the american values and her chinese roots.

This isn’t a west vs. the east but an interesting snapshot at the lives of immigrants who are neither from here nor there. I’m also excited to see Awkwafina in the role of bili as I thoroughly enjoyed her in both Oceans 8 And Crazy Rich Asians. The trailer is a very brief take that focuses mostly on the happy moments, the grandma being cute and charming as ever, the language gap, everything.

So, without much ado, here’s the trailer –


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