Finally, the teaser trailer for the most-delayed and the latest Nia DaCosta directorial MCU venture “The Marvels” has dropped yesterday. The film is the third addition in the lineup of MCU’s phase 5.

The film is written by Megan Mcdonnell, previously known for the Wandavision series and Nia DaCosta, known for her work in the 2021 horror hit, Candyman. The trailer opens up with Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Paris) investigating the wormhole for a SABER mission with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) being the head of the mission. When Monica sees a portal, she gets sucked up into it and Monica swaps bodies with Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) leaving Nick Fury puzzled (the viewers too). The teaser progresses to show the glimpse of the post-credit scene from “Ms Marvel” series finale too featuring Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) swapping bodies with Kamala Khan.

As usual, the teaser cuts follow the typical MCU teaser route with all the campy fun and action cued with an upbeat song. This time, the teaser cut uses “Intergalactic” by “Beastie Boys” as needle drop and the cuts are really good. It also offers a glimpse of K-drama star Park Seo-joon. The teaser ends with the hint of possible teaming up of the “Marvel” women. From the teaser, it seems that we can expect the “Photon” avatar of Captain Rambeau which was first teased in the “Wandavision” series. And there are newer additions into the “Mutliversal” lore too.

While the teaser promises a comic-booky premise and entertainment, it also cooks up a lot of questions and possibilities in the already chaotic and crowded “Multiversal” cinematic universe. Will this venture be the dark horse for the plummeting Marvel Cinematic universe? Well, let’s see the result on the big screens on 10th November, 2023.

Catch the teaser trailer here –


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