The trailer for The Wheel of Time is out and in over 2 minutes, we are taken on a journey to the fantasy fiction world of Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and her incredibly powerful all-female organisation. Apart from hinting at the storyline of the series, we don’t get a peek into the larger plot. 

The trailer starts with Moiraine taking an oath with the following words – “I swear to speak no word that is not true, to make no weapon with which one person may kill another and never to use the one power as a weapon”. The show is adapted from the best-selling book series written by Robert Jordan and allows one to live in the fantasy of the medieval era. 

With glimpses into the beautiful cinematography and extraordinary special effects, the series seems set to bring Robert Jordan’s books to life. The trailer allows us to expect the storyline to work on the margins of Moiraine preparing to fight against the Dark One along with 5 young men and women. Together, they aim to save the world against a destroyer. 

The first three episodes of the series are set to release on 15th November on Amazon Prime Video. You can catch the trailer here – 


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