Now, if you’re familiar with the recent trends with respect to immigrating to England, Australia or Canada for example, especially in the state of Punjab, you’ll know that people do anything and everything to head out of the county, in search of a better life, opportunities and well, also just for the fascination and trend that it is.

“United Kacche” touches this nerve precisely. Kacche, literally meaning raw, is a term used to refer to someone who’s immigrating illegally, who’s not a pakka citizen yet. If you hail from Punjab, you’re bound to have a riot and even if you don’t, you’ll still have a riot, for the trailer catches the gist of this phenomenon [immigration] aptly, in the Indian-Punjabi context.

In “United Kacche”, Sunil Grover plays Tejinder ‘Tango’ Gill, a lad who’s obsessed with going to the UK, so much so that he puts up his ancestral land as collateral for collecting funds to head out.

“Woh Punjabi kya jo ghar ko girvi rakh ke bahar na jaaye”, says Tango to his mother as the trailer opens.

It’s not a surprise that Sunil Grover’s comic timing is just impeccable and it’s used very well in the trailer. But what stands out even above that, is the writing, or the few lines that indicate a well-written show. For example, there’s this very apt reference to the gun crisis in the United States. And you can also hear notes and lyrics from “Dil Da Mamla Hai”, a song that introduced the legendary Gurdas Maan to the world.

From the initial struggles of finding a place to rent to the tiring job-hunt, the trailer is clear in showing that it’s not all rosy and comfy, the life one has to live in the initial years of being an immigrant.

“Baap-Dada ki zameen girvi rakh ke, yahan aadha sofa milta hai ji, England main”, notes Tango in a brief moment, encapsulating the struggle.

But it doesn’t promise to be a heavy, emotional watch. “United Kacche” becomes a melting pot of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants, all of whom strive for a better life in a foreign land. There’s humour throughout and it’s a slice-of-life situational comedy, supported by a cast who have proven their mettle multiple times in the past.

The series also stars Satish Shah, Sapna Pabbi, Nikhil Vijay, Manu Rishi Chaddha, Nayani Dixit and Neelu Kohli. Produced by Yoodlee Films and directed by Manav Shah, “United Kacche” streams on ZEE5 from March 31.

You can watch the trailer here –



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