“Har andhere ke baad jaagti hai ek nayi kiran, aur wahi se shuru hota hai ek naya safar”, is the underlying theme of this new series, ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ on Amazon Prime. The trailer was released today and it was wholesome to watch. Coming from 5 fabulous directors, Nupur Asthana, Ruchir Arun, Ayappa KM, Shikha Makan, Nagraj Popatrao Manjule, this anthology is about 5 people living their life in the pandemic world. The main cast includes Shreya Dhanwanthary and Saqib Saleem along with others. 

The world took a pause in February 2020 and many lives were shattered as a result of it. Nupur Asthana has told a story about a young employee, Akku (Shreya Dhanwanthary) who got fired from her job all of a sudden. The reason given to her by her employer was ‘pandemic’ which made her feel like she got dumped. Priyanshi Painyuli plays the role of her partner, a quite supportive one, as always. This story highlights the concept of anxiety that many people went through as a result of the pandemic. 

Nagar Manjule’s story is about a person who works at a graveyard being caught by the police for interrogation in the middle of the night. Ayappa KM’s directorial revolves around a government employee working in the health facility of the BMC, arranging beds for the exceeding number of COVID-19 patients.  

Ruchir Arun’s story is about a worker (Saqib Saleem) who has made arrangements to sleep in a godown for 2 days with his friends. There is a parcel worth 60 lakhs waiting to be delivered. With no living conditions, this trio is making sand castles out of the construction sand and cooking bare minimum food for survival. Shikha Makan, the last storyteller has a story about an old mother, who is stuck in a lockdown unable to meet her daughter, a new mother. She plans to send her a parcel of ‘gond ke laddu’ for her post-pregnancy repair. 

The remaining half of the trailer is about how the people start dealing with the pandemic in their own ways. While the government employees are taking a masked-selfie to upload on social media, Akku is trying to cope with her job loss in a healthy manner. The graveyard worker’s son is worried about his grandfather coming back home from the hospital. A pretty funny scene in the trailer was when Ashish Varma asks the police officer to give him 2 samosas for 10 rupees as he sees them half-eaten in the police van. 

Life did not stop, neither for us, nor for these characters. They are seen to go on with their lives with rules and restrictions hanging on their head. Saqib Saleem’s story teaches us that food can taste good even with minimal vessels and no kitchen, as long as the intention is survival. Hugs can make everything better, or at the least, bearable. The background score of this movie reflects the name of the series, ‘Naya Safar’ as the audiences can listen to hope, motivation to continue living, even if it means in the pandemic. 

The last few seconds of this trailer show how people can manage to laugh and have a good day. When Ashish Varma is asked about what he will do with the commissioned money, he says he will get a halwaai and eat samosas all day, all night while playing in crores with his brothers. The trailer ended with a smile on their as well as the audience’s faces which felt good!

The cast of this new series is phenomenal and just by the looks of the trailer, their characters seem extremely real. Demonstrating the lives of people coming from different stratas of life, this is about how people understood and dealt with the pandemic in their own unique ways. The most wholesome part of the trailer was the fact that even after a grave downfall for the entire world, people managed to get back up with their heads high and masks to survive. 

You can catch the trailer here –


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