Is honesty really the best policy? How far would you go to comfort your partner by reassuring them that they are the best at what they do? Even if they aren’t? Especially, if they aren’t?

In You Hurt My Feelings, Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Beth, a novelist who is growing skeptical of her writing, if it is still relevant and if she is good enough. But she finds regular, constant support from her husband Don (Tobias Menzies), who motivates her and sounds sure about her wife’s talent.

“I’m an old voice”, says Beth.

“You’re the best voice”, says Don.

But one day when Beth overhears her husband confess to his friend, that he doesn’t think her wife’s new book is all too great, Beth is shattered.

“I wasn’t lying. I was encouraging”, says Don to explain himself.

“That’s not true. You were lying to be encouraging”, exclaims Beth.

In addition to Beth and Don, we have their friends who all have stories running in the screenplay, where they too are navigating, repairing and understanding their own relationships.

A24’s latest outing, the film is a take on the white little lies that are present in most of our relationships. Do you really tell your partner that their latest stage play performance wasn’t convincing? It’s a tale as old as time.

You Hurt My Feelings comes from writer/director Nicole Holofcener who reunites with Louis-Dreyfus after the 2013 middle-age comedy Enough Said. In addition to this comedy-drama, A24 has two other anticipated titles scheduled for the summer slate, Past Lives and Talk To Me.

You Hurt My Feelings is set to release in theaters on May 26.

You can catch the trailer here –



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