In 2019, The Viral Fever (TVF) dropped the first season of Cubicles which managed to capture the audience with its very much relatable storyline. Now three years later, director Chaitanya Kumbhakonum is back with its much awaited second season.

Taking a quick recap of what transpired in the first season is the story of Piyush Prajapati (Abhishek Chauhan), a recently graduated computer engineer who has been successfully selected for a job for which he was preparing for a long time. The season takes us on a journey into the IT world through Piyush’s character who’s just trying to get accustomed to it.

The second season picks up right from where the previous one left off. Now, Piyush is a regular employee in the company and has a new set of challenges to deal with. A new employee Sunaina has joined the company who’s very competitive and high functioning. Her presence makes Piyush feel very insecure about himself and after knowing that she’s getting paid a much higher package than him, he thinks of leaving the company and starts searching for a new job.

The good part of this season is that it explores other characters as well and this is where it felt more relatable. The problems and dilemmas faced by not only Piyush but Gautam, Shetty and Meghna in their workplace as well as personal life were also brought into notice this time. Besides this, the series also emphasises on some basic problems faced by people in the 9-5 job. For example, we see Piyush going through Monday Blues in the very first episode and we just couldn’t stop ourselves from saying ‘Oh! This is so me’. Will Piyush leave Synotech and join the new company? Will he take up the offer for more money? To get answers to more questions like these you need to watch the show.

Talking about the star cast, we see a lot of familiar faces from the previous season. Abhisek Chauhan’s Piyush is more powerful than before. The innocence with which he represents an average employee in an IT company makes his character extremely relatable. Niketan Sharma as Naveen Shetty and Badri Chavan as Gautam looked very real and added a comic factor to the show.

Nidhi Bisht as their boss successfully managed to draw the audience’s attention towards herself and at one point made us all go ‘I want a boss like that’. Ayushi Chauhan who was the new addition in this season gave a convincing performance as Sunaina Chauhan. With her character we get a glimpse of the throat cutting competitive environment of the IT sector. But to me, it was Jamini Pathak who stole the show with his heart touching performance as RDX in the fourth episode titled, ‘The Pink Slip’. Though, I really missed Kalpesh’s (Arnav Bhasin) character this time. Apart from that, the background score by Anurag Saikia is so beautiful and doesn’t let us get bored for a second.

Overall, the starting episodes are not very engaging but the series picks up in the last three episodes and how. With five episodes of 30 minutes each, Cubicles Season 2 is worth watching. As much as we hate the 9-5 job but in these covid times with everything shifting to work from home, this series will make you miss that office environment and everyday hustle way too much. TVF doesn’t create shows, it creates emotions and it proves this yet again with Cubicles Season 2! So, if you have invested your time in watching the previous season, you won’t want to miss this one.

Cubicles, Season 2 is now streaming on SonyLiv. Catch it over the weekend!



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