There always has been a special anticipation whirling among audiences for Aamir Khan films. The trailer for ‘‘Laal Singh Chaddha’’ was released during the 2022 TATA IPL finale. It was the first time that a movie trailer was released at such a big cricket ceremony. Just from the trailer alone, it seems like the story is about a man who holds a wholesome, warm hearted, ready to conquer the world approach. This comedy-drama movie, directed by Advait Chandan, is an Hindi adaptation of the beloved Hollywood film, ‘’Forrest Gump’’.

The trailer begins with the familiar white feather floating in the air as it reaches on older Laal’s (Aamir Khan) feet. He is introduced as a physically disabled boy having innocently witty answers, right from his childhood. “Nai ji, main toh bilkul changa hu”, he says when asked about his legs. The education system is discriminatory towards students lying in different IQ ranges and that is highlighted brilliantly here. The role of Laal’s mother is played by Mona Singh and what a mum she has played – a strong, brave and empathetic one, not allowing anyone to victimize her physically disabled son.

“Kissi se kam nahi hai tu, baaki bacho jaisa hi hai”, she says to Laal, as a statement that he must embark in his mind. And it is time for a “chamatkar” to happen, forcing all of us to believe in miracles once again, as difficult as it is. Laal runs, despite his disability, and he runs like a fast whirl of wind, faster than all his competitors. He is shown to finish his degree and graduate, enter the military, find friends in his troops and much more, in this trailer that runs for 2 minutes and 45 seconds. One very interesting relationship is that of Laal and Rupa (Kareena Kapoor Khan) that seems to have gone through many obstacles, not with much clarity.

The trailer is enhanced by the narration in the background, with Laal uttering wise words, perfectly in sync with the scenes from the past playing on screen. He is shown running into different phases of life and in each phase; Aamir Khan has actually managed to look completely different and yet carrying the same mannerisms. There is this curiosity in his small and oval eyes that shines whenever he looks with passion, zest and love. The bond between Laal and his mother seems pure and real, a celebration of love and warmth.

Having Aamir-Kareena’s brilliant duo after “3-idiots” makes us feel like we’re at home. The trailer ends with an analogy between life and gol-gappe that actually makes perfect sense for the audiences. All in all, the trailer feels heartwarming and realistic. Oftentimes, we are so engrossed in the negatives that we fail to shift our focus on the little miracles of life. “Laal Singh Chaddha” feels like a positive push in the direction of hope, future, and much more. It is the story as well as the cast that make a perfect fit. I honestly don’t think there could be anybody else who could play Forrest Gump better than Aamir Khan.

It is his dedication to the character and perfectionism that makes all the difference. From looking like a young college boy to a military man, to a middle-aged heavy-bearded man, Aamir Khan is really the king of real life transitions. Kareena Kapoor as Rupa makes a perfect match for our Laal, with the energy, the closed door dances and table tennis, among others. The movie also highlights a very important point about disabilities. Any form of disability does not discount a person from the basic pleasures of life. Institutions like schools are the first place for a child to learn and grow as humans as it is important to get rid of such discriminatory practices.

Lastly, Laal is here to show us how a simple man is capable of extraordinary things, with something as tiny as hope. A slice of peace stands ready to be devoured in this screenplay written by Eric Roth and Atul Kulkarni. Produced by Aamir Khan Productions, Viacom18 Studios and Paramount Pictures, the film is scheduled to release in theaters on August 11, 2022.


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