The Rocking Star Yash rocked the screens and our hearts. His entry through the blasting, steaming mines was one to root for. The whole theater went ga-ga over his introduction scene. People were screaming and whistling. His style and his magnitude as the character Rocky were gripping. He comes and conquers what he won in the last film. He was now the emperor of KGF and the whole business. Hence the Queen was also the King. I didn’t like how he addressed Reena (Srinidhi Shetty) calling her “My Entertainment”. I understand the character loved her and he is a guy who comes from an unkind world, where they don’t learn how to talk politely but still I feel the writers could have used better words. Especially when they spoke of Rocky’s lady love.

Everything in the KGF is huge. Humongous sets, land that doesn’t end, beautiful palace, nothing was regular. The film showed the extremes of everything. If you see poverty then you witness the worst of it. If you look towards the riches you see the richest of all. 

In a scene, Reena with the house help was sitting in the garden, using a table fan for comfort. The electricity goes off, she taunts Rocky who was sitting next to her. And in a minute he calls the helicopter over the garden. Scenes like these felt so absurd and funny. 

Like the older movie, this film also showed us the Heroic Mothers. Rocky’s mom always looked like someone who was trying to raise a warrior, even when infant Rocky cries, she didn’t sing a lullaby but a song of bravery, war and zeal. Everything for Rocky starts going well when he gets blessings from the mother of a deceased boy from KGF. 

In almost 5 minutes of the film, one person was shot dead and this caravan continued till the end. People died so relentlessly in the film that you forget to even sympathize or feel sad for the dead. On any given occasion 1000’s of people were gathered and every event was a grand occasion.

The action sequences look fascinating but the recurrence of it reduces the fun of it. Sanjay Dutt looked damn cool as the main villain of KGF. His presence was so heavy and gripping. Every look of him created fear amongst the people of KGF. Raveena Tandon was amazing as the rigid Prime Minister of India. Her presence was very powerful. 

Music is remarkable. The background score elevated every scene and its grandeur. One that played at Rocky’s entry scenes is one of my favorites. Yash is marvelous as Rocky, his screen presence is very impressive and engaging. Every walk of his looked like the walk of victory. And after a time the whole film’s purpose started to feel as if it labored to accentuate and glorify Yash “Rocky”.

The cinematography is remarkable and the art of the film is insanely beautiful. They created an ambience that made us feel uncomfortable and looked very mysterious.

Everything in this film was so grand and magnificent that it created a rhythm that felt monotonous. The music was so loud that you yearn for some quietness and stillness in the film. I was rooting for some emotional, romantic scenes and stillness in the movie. The cuts(of the scenes)  in the film were so rapid that you often get confused. 

The story was rushing so much that, if you blink for a second you will miss something. Every scene was made dramatic, even overdramatic somewhere. Not just the lead characters but even a kid delivers dialogues with such dignity and loudness that it feels weird. The abrupt cuts made me feel like I am looking at a trailer. The background score was good but so stuffed that it felt noisy. After the first half, I started to forget about flashy music. All I wanted was some silence. The movie was full of so many magnificent scenes that it lost its meaning. Too much excitement killed the fun of it. We all became used to its pattern. 

After every 5 minutes, we were ready for some blast which reduced the joy. In order to recreate the aura of KGF :1 KGF chapter 2 lost its balance. For those who loved KGF :1, they may get a little disappointed. The creators precisely tried to reproduce the impact & up the mark of the last film but this rigorous practice didn’t produce the expected results.  For those who love the Rocking Star Yash and Action sequences, it’s a must-watch.


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